Yellowfin Tuna

yellowfin tuna port aransas

You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that many people go on offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX, specifically to catch yellowfin in their natural environment. They may be the supermodels of the deep, but don’t let their look fool you because Port Aransas deep sea fishing guides know yellowfin tuna to be among the most aggressive predators in the ocean. Since they are not overfished, you should look forward to tasting sashimi or sushi made from fresh yellowfin tuna if your Corpus Christi fishing charter also provides catering services.


Appearance of The Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are very successful predators because they are shaped like a torpedo which allows them to cruise through the water at 10 miles per hour and reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour while chasing prey. They are called yellowfin because of the bright yellow color of their anal, tail, and dorsal fins. The yellowfin’s body is metallic-dark-blue on its back and upper sides, and yellow-silver on the belly. On your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas, you will realize that there is a yellow bar running across the yellowfin tuna’s side from its v-shaped head to the forked tail. They can reach a weight of 400 pounds but are generally more slender than the bluefin tuna. But they have a longer pectoral fin compared to that of the bluefin tuna. This migratory species travel in schools made up of other tunas like bigeye and ladyfish. 


Where Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Guides Find Yellowfin Tuna

You can find yellowfin tuna around structures such as deepwater oil and gas facilities or floaters, and deepwater drilling rigs. The crustaceans, squid, and smaller fish that they feed on are abundant in such locations. They can also be found around floating debris, anchored buoys, and they are known to follow large marine animals such as whales. This species stays near the surface as they swim long distances in the offshore Gulf.


How To Catch Yellowfin Tuna

Trolling during the day and drifting during the night is how some experienced anglers catch yellowfin. Let the boat drift with the current above the frozen cut bait that sits on a tiny circle hook. Do this around floaters or deepwater rigs (as deep as 1500 feet) at night to increase your chances of catching yellowfin. If you decide to troll for this species, go just before dark so that you can find the bigger ones. The best equipment for catching yellowfin includes a rod that can withstand 400 pounds, a fiberglass-and –graphite rod, a 50 pound fishing reel, and braided super lines. Your charter may have gear that you can rent during your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX.