White Marlin Port Aransas / Corpus Christi


If you have the white marlin or whites in your bucket list then you need to go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi from June to September. Despite white marlin being the smallest species of the marlins in the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi fishing guides and veteran anglers target them for sport fishing.  They are not good eating but there are Port Aransas fishing guides that can make arrangements for your catch to be smoked for you.


How Corpus Christi and Port Aransas Fishing Guides Identify White Marlin

Generally, white marlin look like blue marlin in appearance, but they are smaller in size and the tips of their dorsal, pectoral and first anal fin are rounded. They have a bill and their bony-scaled body is dark blue just like that of the blue marlin but without the spots or bars. But when you go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi you are just as likely to catch white marlins that are greenish in color. The lateral line on the white marlin's side is visible and runs from near the gills to the deeply forked tail fin.

White marlin can reach a length of up to 9.5 feet and weigh about 180 pounds. But there are some that can grow up to 110 inches in length. For the most part, the females are bigger than the males. They feed on invertebrates such as squid which they swallow whole and fish such as mahi and herring.


Where To Find White Marlin

They mostly prefer offshore waters but sometimes Corpus Christi fishing charters search for them around natural and artificial reefs.  The water temperature range for white marlin is 72°F to 78°F, and they prefer to cruise near the water surface with their dorsal fin protruding over water. White marlin sometimes dive deep in search of squid.


How Port Aransas Offshore Guides Catch White Marlin

Hooking this fish is a pain sometimes because they let go of the bait at the slightest tag. Apart from that, they will leap in the air and fight like mad things when they get hooked. So obviously the best way to catch them is through trolling with a spread of live bait and teasers, but kite fishing is also an effective technique for catching them. Some of the equipment you need when you go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi for white marlin are a conventional fishing rod with a 20 to 30 pound class reels and line, a 50 to 60 pound fluorocarbon leader, and 7/0 circle hooks. You can actually successfully use plastic squid to catch this species, but some fishing charters in Port Aransas TX prefer bait such as sardines, and mackerel.