wahoo port aransas

People who come to experience deep sea fishing in Port Aransas quickly realize that nabbing Wahoo or ‘hoo is almost like hooking a moving torpedo- a 60 mile per hour torpedo. Your reel will be screaming so loudly that your Port Aransas offshore guides will have to give you a hand. Many Corpus Christi fishing charters are hired every year by anglers who want to experience the excitement of reeling in the delicious wahoo.


Description Of Wahoo 

Wahoo is a spectacular fish that is able to swim at great speeds because of its streamlined body. Its triangular head with its long snout cuts through water at the front while its blade-like tail does the same at the back. Port Aransas offshore guides also identify them by their steel-blue backs, pale-blue bellies, and the dark bars that sometimes appear on their sides. When you go deep sea fishing in Port Aransas, ask your guide to pick one Wahoo and open its large mouth to show you the fish’s strong, triangular and serrated teeth.

That mouth, those teeth, and its speed in water are a clear indication that wahoo are not just aggressive predators but also voracious eaters. They feed on squid and small fish such as porcupine fish, frigate mackerel, and round herring. They can grow up to 8 feet in length but most of the time anglers catch wahoo that are only 3.3 to 5.4 feet. Wahoo can weigh as much as 158 pounds.


Where Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Guides Find Wahoo

You may have to go 35 to 45 miles offshore, in waters 250 to 300 feet deep during winter to have ready access to wahoo in Port Aransas. Wahoo can be found around structures such as wrecks, bottom formations, and pronounced ledges. During your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX you will discover that some guides actually target weed lines and debris floating underwater to find wahoo.


How To Catch Wahoo in Port Aransas

 To catch bigger wahoo, experienced anglers troll at around 14 to 20 knots with baits on lines that are 20 to 35 feet below the water surface. You will need tools such as diving pugs or downriggers, shiny and fast lures, and pound 400 to 500 cable leaders. Other important gear include a 100 pound braided line and a two speed reel that you can crank to high gear once you bring the fish to the surface. Be prepared for an exciting fight between you and wahoo when you come deep sea fishing in Port Aransas.