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corpus christi fishing charters

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry David Thoreau.

The development of societies has always been based around water. Potable water, fish for food, and transportation of goods and people. The location of our cities are all based on oceans, rivers and streams. And at one time, you could drink from all those streams and rivers. But that idea hasn’t been relevant for a good 100 years or so. Pollution of our streams and rivers took a hard hit during the industrial revolution and we are just now coming out of that phase.

It’s only been a hundred a years or so that it’s taken to pollute our waterways, which is but a blip in the larger scale of the history of the world. The amazing thing about water pollution is how quickly nature flushes itself out and starts anew in spite of all the misplaced efforts of man. Nature cures itself quickly. Take a look at the Canals of Venice which turned clear in a matter of weeks. That is a beautiful piece of nature. The ability to self correct.

Amid all the development of a first world country and amid all our buildings and infrastructure, the basis of our cities is still water. And even in concrete jungles of New York or San Francisco or Paris or London. The rivers are still there. The fish are still there. Waiting.

Rivers and creeks offer a chance to connect with nature. To reflect and to understand that we are just a small part of this earth. Urban fishing is fascinating for this reason.

You don’t have to live in the country or outback Alaska. You just have to get near the water. And you can forget about the news, the bills, the uncertainty of life. And just get a line wet. The fish are there… in Dallas, Philadelphia and Chicago.

The video by Cordell of Kingfish Adventures illustrates the point.

Although Cordell fishes Intercoastal, Offshore, and Deep Sea, he took a ride to the heart of Dallas to see if he could feel what it feels like, experience the wait, the patience of fishing. Fishing is facing the unknown, like life, or a box of chocolates, you never know what yer gonna get.

Big Mouth bass in Dallas?

Fishin’s Fishin’. And it all feels the same. The hunt. The wind. The feel of a strike.

There are myriad ways to feel it and to experience the joy of the process. You can always walk to the nearest stream. But when you want something different

And you have the time and the discretionary income, Cordell at Kingfish Adventures can Guide you, And provide you with the Corpus Christi fishing charters experience you're looking for: Bay, Offshore and Deep Sea. You can do it all in a day if you’re adventurous.

For more on Corpus Christi take a look at Google Maps:,-98.3508519,6.75z

Here’s the Corpus Christi Travel page.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has tons of interesting information on the natural resources and services available in and around Corpus Christi

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