Mako Shark Fishing - Port Aransas / Corpus Christi


A few years ago a lucky angler hauled in a mako shark weighing 580 pounds in the Gulf of Mexico after fighting for an hour. You may catch one of that size or about that size when you go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi. Many Corpus Christi fishing guides know just how tough it is to land Mako once it has been hooked, and they will help you fight and reel one in. This pelagic fish is one of the main targets for veteran anglers that hire fishing charters in Port Aransas TX.


How Port Aransas Fishing Guides Identify Mako

For the untrained eye, a mako just looks like a typical shark, but Port Aransas offshore guides know that there are two species of mako shark, the shortfin and the longfin. The one you are most likely to catch while deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi is the shortfin mako shark. Anglers identify this type of mako by its short pectoral fins and larger eyes compared to the longfin mako.

Two distinctive features of all mako sharks is their pointed snouts and long gill slits that set them apart from other sharks. From above, the first color you notice is their gray or metallic blue backs but their sides are silvery and their belly area is white. They can reach up to 13 feet long and reach weights of over 1,100 pounds. They are aggressive predators that feed on tuna, marine mammals, bluefish, swordfish, and other sharks.


Where You Can Find Mako

Fishing charters in Port Aransas TX go out to areas with warmer waters of about 60°F and water depths of up to 1650 feet. Shortfin mako live near the surface around bays and jetties. But mako are highly migratory and can cross entire oceans, which makes them difficult to find during certain seasons.


Techniques For Catching Mako

You will need top class Corpus Christi fishing guides to catch this feisty and powerful shark. Appropriate gear for catching this shark includes a wind-on 50 pound to 80 pound steel leader, a 9/0 to 12/0 hook, and a 50 pound class rod and reel. Attach a high quality single strand wire to a 300 pound monofilament because a multi-strand wire can be easily chewed up by sharks. You can troll with a whole tuna, squid, mackerel, mullet or just use lures. Before you go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi for mako, prepare yourself for an exciting fight with one of the fastest sharks in the sea.