mahi mahi port aransas

Mahi mahi is often called “dolphin fish” but it is not a marine mammal at all, but one of the prettiest fish targeted by anglers during offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX. Some Port Aransas deep sea fishing guides say that the “dolphin” name is because the mahi fish is large in size like a dolphin, but not all guides hold that view. There are thousands of veteran and recreational anglers that Corpus Christi fishing Charters help to catch this colorful distinct fish every year.


How Port Aransas Offshore Guides Identify Mahi Mahi

What makes the mahi so distinct from other fish is the single dorsal fin that extends from the fish’s rounded blunt head to the forked tail. Male mahi heads protrude out more than those of females. Port Aransas offshore guides also identify the fish by its golden sides and the brightly colored blue and green hues on the mahi’s sides and back. Their long spindle-shaped bodies can grow to about 6 feet in length and can weigh over 80 pounds. Mahi are among the fastest growing fish reaching sexual maturity at only 4 to 5 months but they have a lifespan of only 4 years. Their flesh is delicate and fairly sweet flavor and is one of the reasons why many anglers go on offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX. Mahi feed on invertebrates, billfish, jacks, pompano, pelagic larvae, and small pelagic fish.


Where You Can Find Mahi Mahi

Port Aransas offshore guides often go to areas near the coast that are about 279 feet deep to find the mahi species. This species prefer areas on or around the equator that have water temperatures that are at least 90°F, and they swim near the surface of the water. While most adult mahi travel alone or in pairs, younger mahi can travel in schools of over 50 individuals.


Techniques For Catching Mahi Species In Port Aransas

Some anglers throw bait chunks into the water to get the fish into a feeding frenzy, then quickly hook the same bait and drift it where they threw the chunks. However, trolling is the most popular and effective technique for catching mahi. The set up you need to catch mahi includes a 7 foot long rod, a 20 to 30 pound fused line, and a 30 to 50 pound fluorocarbon leader. Since mahi are voracious eaters, you can use almost any traditional bait fish like sardines or mackerel. Have a rag with you during your mahi offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX so that you can use it to hold your slippery catch.