Jack Crevalle


Jack Crevalle or “jack” or “jackfish” is the most popular jack species for many anglers that go offshore fishing in Port Aransas TX. This open water predator is prized by serious anglers and Port Aransas deep sea fishing guides because of its unique look and the big fight it puts up when it gets hooked. Your Corpus Christi fishing charters will have to fish out quality gear to catch this fish.


How Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Guides Identify Jack Crevalle

During your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas your guide may tell you that jacks are known for their large eyes, scaleless chests, and the oval black spot on their pectoral fins. Their foreheads are steeply curved and they have compressed bodies which are greenish bluish on the back, and mostly silvery white to yellowish below. The jack’s dorsal fin is black yellowish and it points backward towards its tail while its anal fin is mostly yellow, and also points backwards towards its deeply forked tail fin.

It has 17 to 21 soft rays in the dorsal fin and 16 to 19 soft rays in its anal fin. Despite being able to put up a big fight, jacks only grow up to 4 feet 3 inches and can reach a weight of about 58 pounds. Generally jacks are smaller than other fish that are prized by sport anglers or veteran anglers that use Corpus Christi fishing charters. Jack crevalles are a migratory species that swim in schools, and feed on small fish and crustaceans.


Where To Find Jack Crevalle

The Port Aransas fishing spots you are likely to find jacks are offshore big structures, bays, sand flats, reefs, seagrass beds and more. Generally, they live in Corpus Christi open waters that are as deep as 327 feet. But young jacks can be found in shallow brackish waters or in upstream currents.


Techniques For Catching Jacks

Best time for angling for jack is from May to August. The tackle you need includes a lightweight baitcasting spinning reel with a powerful drag system, a 50-pound-test braided line, and a 6 to 7 foot spinning rod with fast action. Jacks will gulp down any natural bait whether it’s alive or dead. You can successfully hook a jack using lures such as poppers and jerkbait, but some Corpus Christi anglers just troll rapalas in order to catch jack crevalle. Jacks love to chase bait so make sure your setup during your fishing trips in Port Aransas TX allows for moving bait.