Captain David Robinson / 25 ft Majek Redfish / 225 hp Yamaha / gps Guided Trolling Motor / 2 Power Polls
25 ft Majek
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Master Mechanic Ford Motor Company over the course of 29 years. Think in terms of all those Chilton Repair Manuals and the thousands of cars that passed through his patient hands.


David's a lifelong fisherman from Florida who transplanted to Texas about 25 years ago. He earned his Captain's License 10 years ago

and he's been professionally guiding since 2013.


Captain David in His Own Words


Corpus Christi Fishing Culture:


"We have a great Fishing Guide Community here in Corpus Christi.

We all look out for each other."


Why I Guide:


"What I was most afraid of about being a Guide was that I was going to turn my passion for fishing into a real drag.... And I was going to lose my passion for fishing."


"But what I found being a guide is that when someone catches a first fish or their biggest fish or they just see something they've never seen before... That passion and that enthusiasm is contagious. I love it.That's why I really enjoy guiding."

Captain Sterling Branscum / 25 ft Southshore /  300hp Mercury

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Captain jack, grew up outside of Corpus Cristi in Bloomington.   When I asked when he first started fishing he laughed.  And I said, “No really, your first memory… 12 years old… 6, 5 …?” and he drifted back into memory and he was smiling, “I’ve been holding a pole since as long as I can remember.”

He’s spent all his life in and around boats and water and got his Captain’s License in 2011.  Apart from knowing the waters and the wind and the fish and the tides.  Sterling knows safety.  He’s at the age where he’s found a level of mastery in a subject, rode it as far as he could go, and then left it behind.  Like Corpus Christi Speedway and the cars he rode and won.  54’ Bel Air Coupe with the top cut off.  Late Models and Mini’s as fast as they go.  Fifteen years’ worth.  At his best, he won nine in a row across three weekends.

Now he has mostly two interests:  beauty salons and fishing (maybe not in that order).

“Well, my wife owns a beauty salon so you’d say I have an interest in that, and the people who work there.”

But fishing?  That’s what he’s done, that’s what he’s doing and that’s what he’s gonna do.