Flounder Fishing Port Aransas / Corpus Christi

flounder fishing port aransas

Flounder Fishing: A Port Aransas, TX Fishing Guide

While bay fishing in Port Aransas, flounder fishing is a must for all fishermen, whether you are a native Texan or simply visiting. You are actually targeting Southern Flounders. But, since these are the only species available in the Lone Star State, they get to keep the standalone name. There are many fishing charters in port Aransas, TX that specifically undertake flounder fishing.

Southern Flounder Habitat and Food Habits

Flounders are Flatfish, and true to their name, they prefer dwelling at the bottom of shallow waters. These fish love to swim in warm waters, which makes Texas’s Gulf Coast the perfect spot. Any Port Aransas fishing guides will have you know that Flounders are particularly fond of sandy and muddy coastal floors.

These sneaky fish often camouflage themselves and lie in wait to ambush unlucky sea snacks. Favorite food options include shrimp, mullets and other small fish. However, they have a special penchant for mud minnow. You should know that Flounders are not too fond of high-speed chases. They would rather lie in wait in the sandy sea bottom and propel themselves upwards upon spotting a tasty morsel.

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Best Ways of Flounder Fishing Texas Coast

Port Aransas fishing trips in Texas are quite different from the lonely fisherman stereotype. You don’t need to stick with just your rod for company while angling. These are a few ways you can fish for Flounders in Texas:

1. Rods and Reels

Fishing using rods and reels is a classic, which is why the technique has remained so popular. You are going to appreciate this form of fishing if you are a traditionalist at heart. Select the right bait, prepare your hook, cast off into the fish-filled shallow waters and you will fit right in with the Texan fisherman.

2. Gigging

Fishing using gigging spear is a great way of catching flounders. Imagine pristine clear shallow waters as you cruise along on the hunt for delicious Southern Flounder. What makes it more exciting is that you are fishing in the cover of darkness, armed with your gigging spear and a flashlight. This type of fishing (according to Port Aransas fishing guides) has produced some very large Flounders.

3. Bowfishing

Bowfishing is not as popular as gigging and conventional casting. However, many fishermen swear by this technique when hunting for Flounders. Everything is similar to gigging, except you need special archery equipment. Results are plentiful and you will soon fill your freezer while the night is young. Make sure you hire one of the more experienced fishing charters Port Aransas, TX with knowledge of all the right spots.


When to Catch Flounders?

Flounders are technically available year-round during fishing trips in Texas. However, experts claim that the best time for these yummy treats is when their Gulf fall migration takes place. This is usually between October and December and is popularly called the “Flounder Run.” If you want to fish for Flounder like a true Texan, you should know that November is when the female fish is spawning and gigging for them is banned. You can fish to your heart’s content the rest of the year in Port Aransas, TX.