Deep Sea Fishing Port Aransas / Corpus Christi

deep sea fishing port aransas

People from all over the world come to enjoy fishing tournaments, inshore fishing, and deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas Texas every year. With the help of hundreds of experienced Port Aransas andd Corpus Christi fishing guides, both beginner and serious anglers get to catch their favorite fish and take memorable photos. However, Anglers looking for a more intense and challenging experience, choose to hire Corpus Christi and Port Aransas deep sea fishing charters to help them catch the following top 20 deep sea fishing species:


Red Snapper

Red snapper season is in the months of May and June. They have a triangular shaped head, enlarged canine teeth, and their bodies are red in color. On average, a red snapper fish weighs 50 pounds and can reach up to 40 inches in length. You can find them 30 to 620 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico.


Mangrove Snapper

Unlike the red snapper, you can catch mangrove snapper fish at any time of the year you choose to go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi Texas. This tasty fish has a unique color display that ranges from grey to reddish bronze, and they can be found both inshore and offshore.


Spanish Mackerel

The Spanish mackerel has a torpedo shaped elongated body that is dark bluish or blue green above, and silvery white below. They can be found offshore in open waters but as the water warms they can be found inshore and nearshore. Females can reach a maximum length of 3 feet 4 inches and 13 pounds in weight while males reach a maximum length of 19 inches. 


King Mackerel

This species  has an elongated body like its relatives, but Port Aransas fishing guides usually identify it by its silvery gray to iridescent green body color. Juvenile king mackerel have spots on their sides. During deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi Texas, your guides will take you offshore to depths of 75.5-111.5 feet to catch king mackerel.



Tarpon is a popular game fish for anglers that love going for deep sea fishing trips in Texas. It is a large fish known to reach up to 350 pounds in weight. They have a unique ability to gulp air at the surface when they are in low oxygen waters.



Fishing Charters in Corpus Christi also offer lessons on how to catch this fearsome fish that has two rows of razor-sharp teeth. This predator fish has a streamlined body that can grow to reach over six feet in length.  They can be found near the surface of deep reef habitats.


Blacktip Shark

They are gray or gray-brown in color and are lighter on the belly. This medium sized shark gets its name from its black-tipped pectoral, dorsal, and tail fins. Their average length is 5.5 feet and their average weight is 55 pounds.



Many anglers catch huge groupers that weigh over 110 pounds during their Port Aransas fishing trips. Groupers can change the color of the bright markings on their body to match their environment and can live longer than 40 years.



The dorado or mahi-mahi fish is a ray-finned fish that can be found in temperate off-shore Port Aransas waters. This brilliantly colored fish has a dorsal fin that runs from its blunt square head to its forked tail. Its life-span is only four years.



The sail fish’s most recognizable feature is its long bill which is a feature it shares with other types of billfishes. It derives its name from its sail-like dorsal fin. They can grow as long as 10 feet and adults can weigh up to 220 pounds.


Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin tuna grow up to 40 inches in length and can weigh up to 50 pounds. Their diet consists of crabs, shrimp, fish larvae, squid and more.

There are more species that you can catch when you go for deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi Texas.

Jack Crevalle

Its explosive strike on top water lures is quite impressive despite it not being among the biggest game fish in the sea. Some characteristics include their silver colored compressed bodies, lack of scales on their chests, and a blunted face with a steeply curved forehead.


This dark brown fish belongs to the carangiform group. It has a single dorsal fin that starts in the middle of it back and stretches to its tail fin. An average Cobia grows up to 6 feet in length and may reach 100 pounds in weight. Some Corpus Christi charters will cook the Cobia you catch on your Port Aransas fishing trips.


They get their name from the dark amber strip that runs from their noses to their first dorsal fin. This feisty fish weighs between 60-80 pounds and their average size is 60 inches. They live in waters that are as deep as 200 feet.

Mako Shark

This terrifying shark has a cylindrical body measuring between 10 to 12 feet in length. While females can reach about 330 pounds in weight, males only weigh between 132 pounds to 287 pounds in weight. They are the fastest sharks in the world.


It is not only prized for its tasty meat but the Wahoo fish is also preferred by anglers for sport fishing. Its body is steel blue in color with a pale belly. They have 25 to 30 cobalt blue vertical bars that run on their sides giving them a tiger-like look.


Bonitas are a schooling mackerel-like species that can be found in coastal saltwater areas. Anglers that love deep sea fishing in Port Aransas TX prefer to troll for these fish. Bonitas are actually medium sized fish but they are known for their hard strikes and long runs. They belong to the same family as tuna and mackerel, and swim in large schools.

Yellowfin Tuna

All its fins have a yellow hue and its body has a shape similar to that of other tuna fish. They have a metallic blue back, a silver belly, and their sides are a mix of yellow and silvery blue. Yellowfin tuna are a schooling and migratory species.

White Marlin

They have a dark blue body with a silvery white underbelly. White marlins have two dorsal fins and rounded pectoral fins. Fully grown white marlins reach a length of 8 inches and weigh 125 pounds on average.

Blue Marlin

A number of people who go deep sea fishing in Corpus Christi Texas do so specifically to catch the legendary blue marlin. Blue marlins grow to over 12 feet in length and weigh between 80 to over 1000 pounds. They happen to be among the most highly sought game fishes in Port Aransas and internationally.