Blackfin Tuna


Despite blackfin tuna being smaller and less glamorous than its cousins, anglers on offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX still enjoy catching them because they put up a strong fight just like their cousins. A successful battle with blackfin tuna will fill you with a lot of pride, and will get you asking for more fishing trips from your Port Aransas deep sea fishing guides. Your Corpus Christi fishing charter will help you catch as much fish as you need because blackfin tuna are not overfished.

How Port Aransas Offshore Guides Identify Blackfin Tuna
They mostly look like their cousins the yellowfin tuna as far as their torpedo shaped bodies and forked tail fins are concerned. But they have dark-metallic blue coloring on their backs, silvery-grey sides with a white belly, and a bronze colored stripe runs along their sides. When you catch one during your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX, you will notice their small bronze colored finlets that run from their pectoral fin and anal fins to their tail fin. They grow up to 3 feet in length and can reach up to 45 pounds. Blackfin tuna are a migratory species that form large schools with other tuna species. These strong swimmers feed on small fishes, squid and shrimp. 


Where You Can Find Black Fin Tuna
Blackfin tuna are only found in the western Atlantic Ocean but yellowfin tuna are more abundant than blackfin in the Gulf of Mexico. They prefer clean waters that have temperatures over 68°F. More specifically, you may want to look around near-shore reefs, oil rigs, wrecks, floating grasses, and other structures to find blackfin tuna. They are not as structure oriented as their cousins but the fish they feed on love to hang around structures. Generally, you can find them just about anywhere in the deep open waters of the Gulf.


Blackfin Fishing Techniques Of Experienced Port Aransas Fishing Guides
Your Corpus Christi fishing charter captain will tell you that you need to put your bait away from the boat because blackfin tuna are boat shy. The tackle you need include a 30 pound fluorocarbon leader, a smaller circle hook, a lightweight fishing reel, and a medium-heavy rod. You can use almost any bait but some Corpus Christi guides swear by sardines. Brace yourself for long runs when you go fishing for blackfin during your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas. But the meal you will have after spending all that energy will make it make it worth the effort.