Black Drum

black drum guide port aransas

Due to the Gulf’s hospitable climate, there’s an abundance of Black Drum throughout the Texas Coastal Bend. This puts affordable Port Aransas fishing charters in the best position to help anglers track, locate, and catch these tasty fish. Despite being a high-valued table fare for many locals, most Texas fishing charters tend to overlook the Black Drum for sports fishing purposes. With over 1.5 million pounds of this fish being harvested each year, the Black Drum has become a staple of Texas Gulf Coast fishing.

Also known as the Texas Drum, the Black Drum is a thicker, high-backed fish characterized by several chin barbels that look like whiskers. Juvenile fish tend to have four to five vertical stripes, leading them to often be mistaken for the Sheepshead - making it important to work with knowledgeable Texas fishing charters to distinguish- although these vertical bars disappear overtime. The underbellies of mature Black Drums are white overall with slight variations of discolored grays and blacks.

Port Aransas fishing charters know to look for these pale grays or silvers since Black Drums in the Gulf tend to lack vibrant or strong colors. Still, those living in muddier bay waters or brackish water might have some bronze and dark gray colorations. Although they’re able to live in shallower waters, Black Drums in the Gulf can be found at depths beyond 100 ft. While bay fishing in Port Aransas, working with experienced Texas fishing charters makes it easier to locate the best spots to fish for Black Drums

While the Texas Gulf Coast fishing record for Black Drum is 81 pounds, most bull Drum caught by Texas fishing charters weight between 30 and 40 pounds - still a considerable weight.

Techniques for Catching Black Drum

The strategies used to catch Black Drum are quite simple when compared to popular Texas Gulf Coast fishing techniques. When you venture out with Port Aransas fishing charters, no previous angling experience is required. This relaxing fishing experience only requires standard equipment such as a rod and reel and inexpensive tackle in the form of cut fish or squid.

Black Drum have a tendency to “mouth” at the bate before actually swallowing it. Most fishing charters are aware of this and will tell their anglers to wait until the Drum swim off with the bait before jerking on the rod and setting the hook. While these fish don’t perform any swift cuts or racing runs, you’ll still have to put up a fight - something Texas Gulf Coast fishing is known for.

Why you should use Port Aransas fishing charters

Although Black Drum can be found from the Caribbean all the way to Nova Scotia, Texas fishing charters are your best chance of catching these fish due to their abundance in the Gulf. Most Black Drum spawning takes place around February and March, making these months ideal for booking Port Aransas fishing charters. With their year-round activity, however, visitors will be able to catch these staples of Texas Gulf Coast fishing any time of the year.