Bay Fishing Port Aransas / Corpus Christi


To experience the finest fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast you need to try out bay fishing in Port Aransas. Port Aransas is situated on the south side of the Corpus Christi channel and is known locally and internationally for its greatest asset, fish. Below are the top five species you can catch in Port Aransas.


The fact that there is a Redfish Bay in Corpus Christi is a clear testament that this large shellfish eating species is abundant in the area. Redfish is copper or bronze colored on its back and has ocellated spots at the base of its tail. Its belly is lighter in color than the rest of its body, and it generally has bigger scales compared to other species you may find while bay fishing in Port Aransas.

Speckled Trout

Another favorite species for anglers in Corpus Christi is the speckled trout or spotted trout or just ‘specs’. This species of fish average 19 inches for males and about 25 inches long for females and has distinct round spots on its gray or green back and also on its tail and fins. A black margin runs along the edge of its tail and its belly is silvery-white. Anglers usually target this fish during the summer in the calm waters of the inshore bays.

Black Drum

For the most part, the black drum species looks like the redfish, only that the black drum has a high back and does not have ocellated spots on its tail. Younger black drums have four or five dark vertical bars on their sides while adults mostly have gray or bronze colored backs and white bellies. Serious Corpus Christi anglers often target this species for sport fishing because they grow larger than other popular species in Corpus Christi.


The Flounder’s surprisingly large mouth and spotted flat body makes this inshore species easy to identify. This species prefers oyster bays, jetties, docks, and more because crustaceans (flounder food) mostly live in these areas. You need to get to Port Aransas after the first winter cold front comes through for you not to miss the big run of flounder. 


Another abundant species in Port Aransas is the tasty sheepshead. They belong to the porgy family and can be found living around jetties, docks, artificial reefs, coral reefs, and other locations. They are mostly gray in color and have four or five bars that run across their sides. This fish species is actually a staple for many Port Aransas fishing charters.

So, if you are interested in bay fishing in Port Aransas you will be spoilt for choice on what type of fish to target during your Port Aransas fishing trips.