They may have a fearsome reputation but barracuda fish are still among the most prized fish for anglers on their offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX. There are more than one species of barracuda but the one Port Aransas fishing guides target more is the great barracuda.  Some of the other barracuda species include chevron, yellowtail barracuda, heller’s barracuda, and pickhandle barracuda. If you like eating barracuda, your Corpus Christi fishing charters may arrange for your catch to be cooked in the way you prefer.


How Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Guides Identify Great Barracuda

They have long sleek bodies with dark-green or grey backs, silvery sides and white bellies. There are 18 to 23 dark bars on the upper side of the fish. On the whole, barracuda body color acts as a kind of camouflage that makes it hard to spot them especially in coral reefs. During your deep sea fishing trips in Port Aransas TX take a look at its mouth, and you will notice that their lower jaws are slightly longer than their upper jaws and they possess powerful fang-like teeth. They have a reputation for attacking deep sea divers but are generally not considered dangerous to humans.


Barracuda can grow up to 6 feet in length and can weigh up to 103 pounds.  Since they are really big in size, they do not have many predators. They are voracious eaters and they feed on herrings, anchovies, small tunas, grunts, groupers, jacks, snappers, and more. Great barracudas can move as fast as 36mph in water while hunting for prey.


Where You Can Find Barracuda In Corpus Christi

They are found in areas where their prey live such as in flats, shallow reefs, near underwater wrecks, coasts, open seas, and mangroves. Generally Corpus Christi fishing charters usually find them both inshore and offshore. They swim alone but it is not unusual for them to swim in a large school when they are targeting a group of fish.


Techniques For Catching Great Barracuda

The best tackle for catching barracuda on your offshore fishing trips in Port Aransas TX include a  7 foot long or longer spinning rod, smooth cranking wheel with high gear ratio, and a 10 to 20 pound braided line tipped with a wire leader. Corpus Christi fishing guides often cast their lures as far as possible and then retrieve it as fast as they can. That fast retrieve is meant to stimulate the barracuda's instinctive strike reaction which makes it bite into the bait.